“How To Magically Manifest


Starting In The Next 24 Hours!”

Welcome, Dear one.

I’ve been eagerly awaiting your arrival.

You see... the divine journey that delivered you to this page was no random event.

As you’re about to discover...

There are no accidents in this Universe.

Every major event in your life has happened for a reason, all to bring you to…

THIS Moment…
Right Now

I know your trek has been a long one… you’ve risen over tall obstacles… navigated harsh waters… and weathered life’s heaviest storms…

But, the fact that you are here today, is proof that a powerful transformation has already awakened deep within you, and now...

YOU, Beautiful One…
Are Finally Ready

You’re ready to experience the world of magic and limitless abundance you were born to live.

YES… right now… TODAY… is the moment you’ve been waiting for your entire life.

Starting in the next few minutes, I’m going to reveal a life-changing…



“Secret Made From The Core Of
Real Life Magic...”

A secret that will feel like a long lost wand from the fabled world of Atlantis has safely fallen into your possession…

And all you have to do is wave your wrist to create ANYTHING, and EVERYTHING you’ve ever desired... all in the flash of a divine spark.

In what feels like seconds, you’ll create…

More, boundless energy, body confidence, and picture perfect health that makes you feel like world’s most radiant being ...

Happiness, joy, and the gathering of your closest soul family…

A loving, more deeply connected relationship with your existing partner… or, finally attract your sacred soul mate… even your celestial “Twin Flame…”

You’ll receive all of these wonderful much-deserved gifts... in the blink of an eye.

But, those are really just the first course of Angelic delights that await.

Because the most important part is…

As soon as you unwrap my divine secret, you’ll finally have the power to manifest MONEY into your life…

And do it whenever you desire.

I’m talking about MONEY for a new car...

MONEY for exotic trips around the world…

MONEY for a cozy new dream home where you’ll make life-long memories.

In fact… when you watch this video the very end, I’m going to prove to you just how powerful a creator you are…

As you harness this secret to manifest a financial blessing of $500.00... , $1,000.00... even up to an extra $10,000.00, all…

Starting In The
Next 24 Hours

Yes… in as little as 24 hours from now, you WILL have proven to yourself just how powerful this secret is with REAL dollars and cents you can hold in your hands.

Imagine… waking up tomorrow morning and being greeted with cash in hand you can use for ANYTHING you want.

As you’re about to see, this really can happen for you too just like it has for thousands of others.

I’ll get to all the exciting details in just a moment.

First though, let me back up and introduce myself.

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My name is Alexander Wilson, and for the next few minutes you can think of me as your “journey guide.”

My highest intention is to help you awaken a long forgotten part of yourself. A God-given power to…

Turn Your Greatest Desires Into An
IMMEDIATE Command To The Universe!

So… if you’re ready to unleash the greatness hiding within, then please take my hand and let’s leap forward

Before I reveal my magic secret, I need to start at the beginning and share with you the deeply personal story that brought me here today.

You see, not that long ago…

I Was Living A LIE.
A Secret “Double Life.”

No… I wasn’t some covert agent, or hiding in the witness protection program.

That’s not the kind of “Double life” I’m talking about.

The one I was living was the kind found on social media.

Because if you had come across my Facebook page back then… you’d think I was living the dream life.

One filled with meals out to restaurants… parties with friends… and a fast-moving career.

But, the truth was… those social media snapshots were just that… snapshots.

They didn’t tell the full story about what was really going on in my life.

They didn’t reveal…

The Heartache… The Struggle
And The Deep Shame That
Was Secretly Consuming Me.

Because the reality was after a series of wrong turns in my career and love life, it was like I’d fallen off a cliff, and now…

I was trapped at rock bottom.

At the time, I was living alone in the cheapest place I could find… a small backyard pool house.

Now sure… I know the idea of living in a “pool house” might not sound that bad, maybe even a little glamorous to some.

But, this “pool house” wasn’t the kind you’d find in the back of a mansion in a millionaire’s backyard.

No… the reality was the pool was never actually built… the roof was missing shingles… it lacked central air conditioning, and the heating system barely worked.

Really, my home was…

Less Like A Pool House And More
Like A “Glorified Tool Shed.”

Now… I wasn’t homeless...

Occasionally, I’d even make a pretty decent income for the month.

But, it felt like every time a nice check showed up… it was quickly devoured by an ever growing list of expenses.

Bills… unexpected medical invoices…

And repairs for my old 4-wheeled rust-bucket left me no choice but to turn to my credit card.

My balance kept on rising… interest piled up, and soon it got to a point where there was no digging my way out.

My life was about to come crashing down. All in the span of…

One Weekend From Hell!

It all started on a late Friday afternoon when my boss asked me to step into his office for “a talk.”

Now… I knew this job was temporary when I started. But, since then, my boss had promised many times I’d be transitioned into a full-time position.

But , now… with no warning at all…

I Was Being Let Go On The Spot

In an instant…

My income vanished before my eyes.

I was upset, but I didn’t have much time to feel sorry for myself.

Because losing my job was just the first of three disasters that were about to leave my world in shatters.

The second?

I didn’t have to wait long.

As I’m driving home, I hear a sudden thud.

Terror fills my veins as…

My Engine Sputters Off… In The
Middle Of A Busy Highway!

There’s cars to my right. I can’t get over. Luckily, a left sided exit appears just in the nick of time.

I just barely manage to swerve over and safely land in a grassy area as cars whiz past.

At this point, I’m in shock.

I was happy to be alive… but now I wasn’t just jobless, but now my car was gone too.

Piece By Piece…
My Life Was Falling Apart…

I remember coming home that night and just collapsing to the floor in exhaustion, my back against the wall.

I couldn’t move.

It felt like the weight of the world was baring down on my shoulders, and I didn’t know much more I could take.

In that moment, I had never felt so alone and helpless in my life.

The next day, I spend the morning in a daze, just collecting myself… until my stomach begins growling.

I realize I hadn’t eaten since early yesterday. So, I order-up an Uber to grab a quick bite to eat.

Now, in case you don’t know, Uber is basically a modern-day taxi service where regular people drive you around in their personal cars.

Normally… they’re college students, or people trying to earn an extra buck in their spare time.

But, when my ride pulls up and I open the door, I notice…

My Driver Is Unlike Any
I’d Ever Met Before

Her name is Phoenix, and it’s like she had just stepped out of a time machine from 1960’s Woodstock.

She’s donning a beautiful flowing flower dress… blue dream catcher earrings, and she’s wearing a necklace that holds a sparkling crystal

We begin talking, and then she notices my eye gravitate towards the clock.

“5:55” She Says. “You Know What
That Means, Don’t You?”

I didn’t, but she explained, “Sometimes when we need guidance the most in live, our guardian angels give us signs.”

Now… I’m not sure I would have ever remembered this conversation.

But, then it happened. Disaster number 3…

The Walls Came Crashing
In On Me… Literally!

Later that night, I’m watching TV in my “tool shed” when I decide to head off to bed.

But, just as I’m about to turn off the lights. I step on something painful...


It’s a big chunk of white plaster underneath my feet. I look up and see a huge, expanding crack in the ceiling.

Panic fills my body as I realize what’s happening.

I need to get out FAST.

So, I step outside and call the landlord.

Minutes later... the roof has completely caved in.

To think… if I had gone to sleep, I might not have ever woken up.

Now, I gotta say that any one of these disasters might make someone just want to curl up in a ball and give up completely.

But, losing everything at once… my job… my car… and my home…

I Couldn’t Help But Feel Like
The Universe Was Just Toying With Me!

Like, this was all one big Truman-Show style prank, and any minute a reality show producer was about to reveal himself.

Of course... that didn’t happen.

But, something almost more surreal did.

It was only a couple weeks later. I have to get across town… but am without a car. So, I call-up Uber once again.

When the car arrives... I see a familiar face.

It’s my old friend Phoenix from a few weeks before.

I didn’t know then that this meeting was actually no accident

As it turns out, Phoenix was a renowned (and VERY successful) intuitive and healer (she literally charged thousands for private sessions).

And her part-time gig as an Uber driver, was...

All Part Of A
“Spiritual Experiment.”

Each morning she would say a prayer and ask for the Universe to guide her to the one person who needed divine guidance the most…

That’s how she kept running into me.

As Phoenix explained, “When you understand EVERYTHING in existence are made up of the same core ingredient…

Tiny, Vibrating Particles Of

You begin to understand why everything in your life is the way it is.

“Do you remember watching Disney’s Cinderella?” she asks.

Well, in the beginning of the story… Cinderella’s life is one of misery, sorrow, and misfortune.

But, then her Fairy Godmother waves her wand… and suddenly a swirl of magical fairy dust encircles Cinderella…

Instantly transforming her from a life trapped in rags, into one of limitless fortune, abundance, and joy.

She became a glowing princess that radiated pure positivity into the world!

YOU Have The Same Power To
Magically Transform Within You.

Even though we’re all made up of the same stuff… energy. Those tiny particles can vibrate at many different speeds to form a unique frequency.

When you embody a “lower frequency” (like 95% of all people) you attract “low frequency” things, people, and events into your life.

You know… like cars breaking down, bosses firing you, and ceilings collapsing.

But, when you hold a “high frequency,” that’s when all your desires can be effortlessly pulled into your orbit…

The perfect home and car… the dream job… and loving relationships.

And here’s the most important part... YOU have the power to RAISE your frequency into the AWESOME high vibe, God or Goddess you are.

When she explained this, it was like a light bulb suddenly lit up. I realized the reason I was stuck was that my vibration was too low.

And If I Wanted To Change My Life,
I Needed To Raise My Vibration!

But, how?

Well, the truth is that there is a LOT of misinformation out there about raising your vibration.

But, as Phoenix explained, it’s actually VERY quick, simple, and EASY…

When you understand a powerful shortcut that taps into the deepest reaches of your mind.

You see... there are two levels to your brain

There’s the “Surface level,” also known as the conscious mind.

These are all of the thoughts you’re actively aware of. Whenever you decide where to go for dinner or balance your checkbook... that’s the conscious mind at work.

Most of us, attempt to raise our vibration at the conscious level. We “think positive thoughts”… use affirmations… and apply strategies from personal development gurus.

But, the reason your life hasn’t changed is…

Doing those things are a lot like taking rose-colored selfies and posting it on Instagram.

Things may look for a short moment in time, but the truth there’s a stark reality being hidden from view.

Underneath the conscious mind, your subconscious is secretly running in the background, shouting-out negative thoughts, like…

“I’m not good enough…”

“I’m not worthy…”

“I don’t deserve…”

Thought patterns that keep your vibration low.

And Here’s The Biggest Eye-Opener:

While your conscious mind contains maybe 5% of your daily thoughts… your subconscious holds over 95%!

It’s where all of your long held beliefs, traumas, and negative thought patterns are stored.

In fact, many neuroscientists now say that subconscious thought patterns are 10,000 times more powerful than those formed in the conscious mind.

This is why people struggle to manifest the lives they really want.

The subconscious runs the show.

But, here’s the good news…

There is a WAY to clear the gunk away, and it’s SO easy. It’s something called…

“Energy Orbiting”

And it works by reprogramming the negative, beliefs, and traumas that hold us back.

Now, when I first discovered this method… it WASN’T as easy as I’ve made it for you.

Because in order to reach the deepest “Transformation Zones” of the subconscious…

It requires you to shift your brainwaves, from a Beta State where we spend most of our day…

Into Theta State…

Which is normally only achieved through deep states of sleep or meditation.

But, once you enter that Theta Transformation Zone…

“Energy Orbiting” uses the power of expertly crafted subliminal
“mind commands” to effortlessly release old thought patterns… and place positive ones in their place.

Negative thought patterns that shout “I’m not worthy”…

Transform into Divine Patterns that proudly affirm…

“I’m unique and powerful.”

“I don’t deserve” becomes “I effortlessly receive.”

“I’m a failure” is replaced by “I can accomplish anything.”

As these vibration blocks vanish… it’s like a swirl of magic fairy dust swirls around your energetic field, and suddenly… you experience..

Your own magical “Cinderella Transformation”…

Where you radiate like never before, and all your desires are automatically drawn into your orbit.

When I Mastered “Energy Orbiting”…
My Life Began To Change Almost INSTANTLY!

You see…

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a writer. But, I struggled turning it into a career.

But, as the magical fairy dust swirled around me… my awareness of what was possible began to expand, and then it happened…

A $10,000.00 Windfall
Fell Into My Lap!

It was right before bed. I had just used Energy Orbiting, to clear away some old beliefs I had about receiving abundance...

And I decided to set an intention…

To manifest a freelance writing job for $10,000.00.

Now… I didn’t take any action, like many “experts” tell you.

Instead, I just fell asleep and let the Universe do the rest.

The Next Morning I Wake-Up
And The Phone Is Ringing

Sure enough, it’s from a friend of mine in the publishing industry. He tells me that last night he got off the phone with a new client in need of a writer...

And get this: The amount of work that he had for me was exactly $10,000.00!

My jaw fell wide-open. I couldn’t believe how quickly and effortlessly my desire showed up in my life… all thanks to “Energy Orbiting.”

Out of curiosity, I asked my friend what time he spoke to the new client, and it was just as I was falling a sleep.

In other words... my manifestation came to life INSTANTLY!

No Wishing... No Waiting... INSTANTLY!

After experiencing this real-life “Financial Proof”... I was off to the races…

I began to clear more deeply ingrained patterns... my vibration continued to soar... and manifesting wealth became effortless.

After I’d finished my $10,000.00 gig, I went on to manifest another one just like it...

Again and again… these jobs appeared within 24 hours of stating my desire.

Eventually… I wasn’t just getting one-time payments, but I was earning royalties…

It soon got to a point where I remember walking to my mailbox and realizing I was now receiving more checks than bills!

Can you imagine that?

And with more income...

My Life Finally Clicked Into Place

The first thing I bought was a brand new car with all the features I never dreamed I’d have…

From there, I manifested my perfect dream home. One that’s not only in the perfect location, a 5 minute stroll to a vibrant downtown…

But, get this... unlike my old “tool shed,” it has an ACTUAL pool!

Now, as I mentioned… the challenge with Energy Orbiting was entering a deep “theta” brainwave state…

I had to enter this “Doorway to the subconscious” the hard way, through meditation.

BUT now, you don’t have too.

After working with an expert audio engineer and trusted Energy Orbiting expert…

I discovered powerful shortcut that allows ANYBODY to effortlessly raise your vibration… and clear away all those deeply embedded subconscious “vibration blocks…”

So you can finally start living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

In fact… it’s so effortless, all of the work is DONE FOR YOU.

You just click “play” to bring the abundance of the Universe into your life... sometimes INSTANTLY.


Manifestation Magic

Manifest Abundance By Pushing “Play!”

You can think of this powerful, life-changing program as a complete…

Push-Button Manifestation System

You can use it create ANYTHING you desire in your life, including attracting your soul mate… your dream home… or even a new ride…

But, the main goal of the program is simple…

To manifest MONEY into your life whenever you desire.

MONEY for bills… MONEY for rent… MONEY to prove that Manifestation is REAL.

At its simplest level, all you do to activat Manifestation Magic is just push “Play.”

There are no books to read, no courses to study, no exercises you must practice before you see results.

The program is designed to manifest MONEY into your life starting in your first 24 hours.

The Program Is Divided Into
Two “Magic Modules”…

Module # 1: As soon as you enter the member’s area, you’ll open up the Quick-Start Manifestation Guide

And all of this takes place in your first 15 minutes.

From there, you’ll have access to…

Module # 2: My Complete “Energy Orbiting” Autopilot Audio System

This contains a series of transformational audio tracks, carefully crafted with my guidance and the help of a world-renowned audio engineer and fellow “Energy orbiting expert.”

The highlight of the system is a main track called…

“Twilight Transformation”

You just click play before you go to bed, and it’s like waving a magic wand.

Overnight… the brainwave technology embedded inside the audio relaxes your mind into a “Theta State” and opens the door to the deepest levels of your subconscious…

From there, powerful subliminal suggestions clear away “Abundance Blocks,” while new beliefs about receiving abundance quickly take hold.

You don’t have to do anything else.

The track does all the work raising your vibration, and clearing away the negative programming that’s been holding you back for YEARS.

Overnight, you’ll create a powerful gravitational force that draws whatever you desire to into your orbit.

Overnight, you’ll create a powerful gravitational force that draws whatever you desire to into your orbit.

The reason Manifestation Magic is so effective is it clears patterns on the deepest levels of the subconscious… levels no other program reaches.

Now, I could go on and on about all the surprises in store for you...

Like the “Daytime Wealth Activator” audio track that quietly reprograms your mind for wealth as you play games on your Ipad or complete house work.…

Not to mention, there’s the “10 Minute Meditator” audio track that allows you to get all the benefits of an hour of meditation in just minutes

But, the beauty of Manifestation Magic is its simplicity.

If you just listen to “Twilight Transformation” by itself, you WILL experience a massive vibration upgrade to bring all your desires to life.

In fact, I guarantee that within 24 hours of using the Twilight track and your Manifestation Guide, you’ll either receive exactly the financial gift you asked for IMMEDIATELY…

Or if the Universe needs more time to align people, events, and resources,Manifestation Magic works to bring to light what I like to call…

A bright unmistakable “neon sign” that your financial manifestation is coming to life!

My goal with creating this program is to make it SO simple that you can literally jump right in and put it into action TONIGHT…


See Results TOMMORROW!

Plus, here’s the best part…

To get this program into the hands of as many people as possible and raise the vibration of the planet…

I’m Offering Manifestation Magic At An Exclusive Discount

Just how big of a discount?

Well, the other day, I saw a course from a big name law of attraction “expert” being sold for $2,000.00.

This program was chalk full of workbooks, exercises, and “to do” lists that would take months, or even YEARS to complete.

Not to mention… it didn’t include anything about “Energy Orbiting” or any method at all to raise your vibration.

But, withManifestation Magic… it’s all so much simpler.

You just click “Play” to bring money into your life. Money you can touch,hold, and spend.

For this reason, I think we can both agree that a price tag of $2,000.00 for Manifestation Magic is more than fair.

After all, this is a complete system that ACTUALLY works, starting in your first 24 hours.

BUT, I want to make sure I get Manifestation Magic into as many hands as possible. This is why I settled on a much more down to earth amount…

You WON’T pay $2,000.00…

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An Exclusive Bonus Package ONLY
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This package contains TWO additional audio transformation systems.

Programs that could be sold on their own for a hundred dollars!

They include…

Bonus # 1: The Chakra Power System

This program contains 7 powerful, 10 minute audio tracks designed to make your chakra system radiate positive wealth energy to the world.

Just listen to one track each week to clear away the major abundance blocks that drain your vibration.

You’ll effortlessly remove hidden…

And by week 7… you’ll have turned up the dial on your “gravitational field,” PULLING your greatest desires to your doorstep.

Next, there’s…

Bonus # 2: The Manifestation Magic
360 Transformation System!

An Estimated $97.00 Value

This bonus system contains 7 extra “Energy Orbiting” tracks designed to awaken your hidden superpowers. These include…

And my favorite might just be…

And those are just forstarters.

Just like with Manifestation Magic, all you do just is click “Play” to let these expertly engineered audio systems do all the work .

It’s that easy!

Together, the 360 and Chakra Power bonus systems could easily be sold as a standalone programs for $97.00 each.

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In other words, it’s like you’re receiving…

3 Wealth Abundance Systems (A $291.00 Value)… For Half The
Of Just One!

PLUS… that’s not all.

I’ve also developed a way so you can listen to all of your audio tracks “on the go” with…

To My Manifestation Magic “Push Play”

This downloadable program for your smartphone or Ipad, allows you to listen to all three audio systems, even when you’re away from the computer.

Just open up the App, and all of the recordings are ready to for you just “Push Play” and enjoy.

Now… it’s easy to listen on your morning walk, before bed, or while relaxing in nature.

Anywhere you go… Manifestation Magic and your bonus systems are there alongside you!

So, don’t wait.

Follow your heart and trust your intuition here.

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“24 Hour Results” Money-Back Guarantee!

Here’s my promise to you:

Simply click “play” on the Twilight Transformation track (at least once a night), and let the power of “Energy Orbiting” clear negativity… raise your vibration… and uplift your spirit.

Then, simply follow the easy 15-minute Quick-Start Manifestation Guide to get clear on what you want…

And I promise starting within the NEXT 24 hours, you’ll receive a flashing, unmistakable “Neon” sign from the Universe that your financial manifestation is on the way…

In some cases, your manifestation will even appear IMMEDIATLEY.

I can make that kind of specific promise because I’ve seen Manifestation Magic work for myself, and countless others…

And I know it will work for YOU too!

Here are what others are saying about the power of clearing the subconscious across social media.

Right away, people are seeing results in the form of…

More commissions…

Just Imagine Waking Up, Starting Tomorrow Morning…

And, instead, of those negative subconscious thoughts taking over and pulling you down into the pits…

It’s like you’re a lighthouse… radiating positivity, vibrant energy and inspiration to everyone you encounter.

Everywhere you go, others are drawn to your magical presence. New opportunities are pulled to you every day…

And manifesting wealth into your life becomes effortless...as new income floods into your bank account.

Imagine… bursting through your financial ceiling again and again… from $5,000.00… to $20,000.00… to $100,000.00…

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Listen, you are a brave and courageous soul.

You’ve journeyed far and long… but now, you find yourself inside an enchanted forest, and…

Before Your Eyes Sits
A Mysterious Fork In The Road...

In one direction the path is dark, worn, and feels all too familiar

You’ve been down this path before and you know what awaits…

The same overwhelming obstacles… the same heart-breaking disappointments… the same painful struggle of living pay-check-to-paycheck…

Until one day all the weight on your shoulders just comes crashing down on you.

BUT… you don’t have to keep going down that tired, old path any longer.

Now, There’s A New Way Forward

One filled with unmatched beauty, wonder, awe-inspiring experiences…

And limitless abundance unlike anything you’ve ever imagined possible…

No… my dear one.

This isn’t a dream.

Magic Is REAL…

And the new pathway to bring it into your life is sitting right before your eyes.

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Plus, remember… it’s 100% risk-free for 60-days.

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Regular Price $247 , Today $47

Still on the fence?

I get it. I was once in your shoes, desperately searching for a way out of the mess I’d fallen into.

Then… when I finally found “Energy Orbiting,” I have to admit I was skeptical.

I didn’t think it would work.

But, here’s what changed my mind, and convinced me to give it try.

You see, here’s the truth…

When you manifest your desires, it’s not the kind of magic where you pull a rabbit out of a hat.

You’re NOT creating anything out of thin air.

No… the reality is…

All You Desire… ALREADY Exists… And It’s Waiting For You To Claim It!

Take this brand new BMW.

Well, the truth is, there are no shortage of cars just like it.

On car lots and in garages across the country, there are fleets of thousands of very similar BMW’s…

Sitting there, unused and waiting to be driven.

The reality is we live in a time of incredible abundance.

And once you raise your vibration, and become and energetic match to your desires using Manifestation Magic.. that’s when your greatest wishes are finally pulled into YOUR new gravitational field.

Look… you’ve already experienced what struggle feels like.

You’ve been there… you’ve done that. But, it’s time to try something different.

Now’s The Time To Say “YES…”

“YES” to the amazing gifts just waiting for you to claim and bring into your reality.

We’re here on this planet to experience love, joy, and abundance, and now you can experience it all… just by clicking “play.”

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The only explanation I can think of for why you haven’t joined me just yet is you still have questions.

So, let me answer a few of the most common ones I receive…

Question # 1: I Don’t Have A Lot Of
Extra Time, Will This Still Work For Me?


My goal with Manifestation Magic as to make it so EASY it would fit into absolutely ANYBODY’s life…

Even if it’s completely crazy and hectic.

There are no books to read, no courses to study, no exercises you must practice before you see results.

Just click “Play” on the Twilight Transformation track before bed… either in the minutes before or as you close your eyes…

And you WILL see results.

The program works on the deepest subconscious level, so it’s not important that you carefully listen with the conscious mind.

Simply put… if you have an extra 5 seconds to push that play button before you close your eyes… then you can do this.

Question # 2: Do I Need To Take
ACTION For Manifestation To Work?

Many law of attraction experts talk about the importance of taking action to manifest your desires.

I want to be clear… inspired action can be powerful on occasion.

But, far more important in the manifestation process is your vibration, and the pureness of your thoughts.

As, Abraham-Hicks said…

“17 seconds of PURE POSITIVE thought is
worth 2,000 hours of action”

In other words, Manifestation Magic is a shortcut. By eliminating those negative subconscious thought patterns (just by pushing “Play”)… it’s like your creating your own gravitational field.

Your desires are magically pulled to you, automatically!

Question # 3: Can I Listen To The Audio Tracks On My Smartphone?

YES! I’ve made it easy for you to play the audio tracks, starting right away, using the bonus Manifestation Magic “Push Play” Audio App.

Just download the App on your Smartphone or Ipad (don’t worry I show you how in the member’s area), and your tracks can be played IMMEDIATELY… in just minutes from now!

And, of course, you’ll also be able to download everything inside the member’s area for easy listening on your laptop, computer, or some members even choose to create CD’s.

My personal favorite way to listen is on my phone, as a morning “pick me up” or right before bed.

As I mentioned, these tracks work on the subconscious level.

So, unlike an audio book, for example… they can comfortably play in the background without requiring careful attention.

My goal in creating Manifestation Magic was to make it so simple, quick, and easy ANYBODY can see results.

.Question # 4: Will I Really See Results
In Just 24 Hours From Now?


I’ve brought many of mine manifestation to life in hours, even INSTANTLY like my very first $10,000.00 manifestation I shared with you earlier.

However, sometimes, the Universe needs to align people, places, and events. This is why I’ve designed the manifestation process you’ll follow inside the Manifestation Quick-Start Guide…

To call forth an unmistakable “Neon” sign within 24 hours to let you know your manifestation is coming to life.

This sign will come in many forms…

Sometimes you’ll see a billboard for a certain car that you’re trying to manifest…

Other times… you’ll be met with “angel numbers” like 11:11 immediately after completing the quick-start guide…

Whatever the unique case is for you… the process works in a way that this sign is “unmistakable.”

My goal for you is to PROVE to yourself just how powerful a creator you are by bringing WEALTH you can hold in your hands into your life.

Question # 5: How Does The “24 Hour Results” Guarantee Work?

My promise is simple…

You WILL receive that financial manifestation OR the “unmistakable sign” within your first 24 hours…

OR I insist you send me a note. I’ll then give you back every cent you invested in the program… no questions asked!

That’s how confident I am Manifestation Magic WILL work wonders for you just like it has for me and so many others.

So, go-ahead…

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